A funny adventure
"Point and Tap" style

Help Pirlock

to recover

his earldom




Pirlock, deprived from his rights to the Badminton earldom, lives as a fortune soldier in a frontier watchtower. But today he receives an unexpected visit. Perhaps this could be the beginning of a new life?

Enjoy now for free this great graphic adventure prologue, on which you’ll find:

  • 15 hand made levels
  • More than 30 objects
  • 12 funny characters
  • More than 900 hilarious dialogue lines
  • Original soundtrack

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Episode 1: Badmintown Fair

Accompanied by his “friends” Rat, Shuttle and Old-timer, Pirlock will head toward Badmintown Fair, seeking his fortune. Along the way, he’ll meet new companions that will help him to achieve his goals.


  • 35 scenarios
  • 108 objects
  • 31 crazy characters
  • More than 4000 hilarious dialogue lines

Now available at:

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These are our heroes

Well, maybe we are exaggerating calling them heroes…

All right, their actions aren’t heroic precisely, they are more like selfish…

You win, these are our vile characters, they will do everything on their hands to achieve one objective:

Re-unite Badminton!

And if you have fun on the way, much better…



Last descendant of a lineage of earls, lost all his possessions when he was a child, because of his reckless fool father Marlock “the happy-go-lucky”.

Arrogant, cruel and ambitious, he will do his best to be Badminton earl one day.


Sweet Flower

A heroine in the shape of a demotivated woman. If it depended on her, she would save the world, but she rather let others to do such tiring task.

She doesn’t want to work, she is lazy to progress, and yet, the future of Badminton is in her hands.



A speaking rat? Or Pirlock is completely crazy? Whatever of the two options could be possible (or none of them).

Anyway, Rat is Pirlock’s loyal adventure companion.

If you want something well done, talk to Rat…


Old man

Pirlock’s squire, he remembers with melancholy the old times, when Badminton was united and was a powerful earldom.

He will support Pirlock on his crusade, despite he thinks he is an inept and spoilt kid.



It wasn’t the fastest horse on the stable, neither the toughest, nor the strongest, nor the smartest, what the hell, not even was lucky…

But every hero needs a horse, and Pirlock seems to grow fond of this one.